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Privacy POLICY

Duty to inform set forth pursuant to clause 13 Privacy Code
(issued on the Official gazette 29th July 2003, General Series n. 174, Ordinary Supplement n. 123/L).

Finality of the treatment
The data treatment will be handled to enable to communicate information requested through the contacts loaded from the web-site pages, as well as to transmit data and/or information of technical juridical and advertisement kind either in electronic or paper format, to send brochures and information, invitation to either congresses or events, insertion in informative mailing lists.
Treatment formality
The data will be mainly treated through electronic and IT tools and stored both on paper or magnetic storage mediums, or even on any other type of suitable storage medium, respecting the minimal safety measures pursuant to the Technical Disciplinary about minimal measures, Enclosures B Privacy Code.
Compulsory nature
Not all the data (fields) of the form are compulsory. In case of failed insertion of one or more compulsory data o or failing the authorisation to the treatment, the form will not be taken into consideration. The personal data related to the concerned treatment will not be communicated to any external party. Notices or communications to judiciary bodies or investigative ones are possible too, only if expressly obliged by the law to spreading the information.
Rights of the concerned person
With relation to the treatment of personal data, the person involved has the right, pursuant to clause 7 (Right of access to personal data and other rights) of the Privacy Code:

1. The person involved has the right of getting the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him/her, even if not registered yet, and the data communication in an intelligible form.

2. The person involved has the right of obtaining the statement: a) of the origin of the personal data;
b) the finality and formality of the treatment;
c) the logic applied in case of treatment made through the help of electronic tools;
d) the main points identification of the holder, the people in charge and the representative appointed pursuant to article 5 clause 2;
e) of either the people or the categories of people to whom the personal data can be communicated or that can happen to know the data as the appointed representative in the territory of the State, of the representatives or the people in charge.

3. The person involved has the right of getting:
a) either the update or the rectification and, when he/she is interested in it, the integration of the data;
b) the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the halt of the treated data breaching the law, including the data for which the conservation related to the goals for which the data have been collected or eventually treated is not necessary;
c) the declaration that the operations stated by clauses a) and b) have been brought to the knowledge, also as far as their content is concerned, of those to whom the data have been either communicated or spread, except the case when such a fulfilment turns out either to be impossible or involves a use of disproportioned means in comparison to the safeguarded right.

4. The person involved has the right of opposing, either completely or partially:
a) due to legitimate reasons to the treatment of personal data concerning him/her, even if relevant to the collection’s goal;
b) to the treatment of personal data concerning him/her either for sending advertising material or for direct sale or for the fulfilment or market researches or commercial communication.

The holder of the data treatment is the Attorney Maurizio Cinelli - Via Morbiducci, 21 – 62100 Macerata (MC) – as legal representative of the web-site.

In order to exercise the rights foreseen by clause 7 Privacy Code mentioned above, the person concerned will have to sent a written request to: Attorney Maurizio Cinelli - Via Morbiducci, 21 – 62100 Macerata (MC) to the kind attention of the holder liable for the data treatment of the web-site Cinelli Law Office.
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